Our Story

In June 2006, STEG-IS began its operations as a service provider company. The aspirations of this newcomer were lofty. Quickly, it evolved into an EPC contractor. In 2008, it secured its first EPC contract. Since that date, the company has maintained a steady pace of developing its activities and resources. In 10 years, STEG-IS's capital increased by a factor of 100 through the incorporation of a portion of its profits. Today, through its achievements, STEG-IS is present in over 20 African countries and in the Arabian Gulf region.


STEG-IS is a successful model of Public-Private Partnership (PPP). It was established with the aim of promoting its experience and expertise in the planning, study, implementation, maintenance, and operation of facilities for the production, transportation, and distribution of electricity and gas. This includes energy management, energy efficiency, as well as training and skills development.


In a structured and professional manner, highlight the experience, expertise, as well as the trust capital acquired by the various trades within the parent company (STEG) in the service of regional development (Africa, Middle East).

Establishing lasting relationships of cooperation, partnership, and investment based on a win-win approach.

To contribute to the development of the local industry for the manufacturing of electrical and gas equipment.


To be recognized as one of the most high-performing operators in our areas of activity in Africa and the Middle East.

Contribute to national and regional development by providing competitive and high-level expertise.

Maintaining a high level of performance in line with quality, safety, cost optimization, and time constraints while adhering to environmental standards and norms.


Respect, professionalism, and perseverance, these are the core values that define our culture and guide us in our daily work and approach.


STEG-IS is equipped with a flexible structure that allows it to be highly responsive in carrying out multidisciplinary projects.

Customer Orientation

To have the concern for continuous improvement of our services and products with the aim of meeting the expectations of our clients and partners.




Research & Development

Ensure technological monitoring and provide our clients and partners with innovative solutions