STEG-IS works with a team of highly qualified business experts in designing programs and setting up training sessions.

STEG-IS offers on-demand training programs and sessions covering areas relating to management, engineering studies and the operation and maintenance of electricity and gas structures.

STEG-IS is one of the few companies that offer training in the field of techniques and methods of live-line maintenance of electricity transmission and distribution structures.



Our references:

The training services involved several countries in sub-Saharan Africa:

Burkina Faso, Cap-Vert, Congo, Rwanda, Tchad et Djibouti. These services were provided with the collaboration of STEG’s Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement de Khelidia (CFPK), ranked as ‘Center of Excellence’, in the form of programs adapted to the needs and specificities of the beneficiaries and touching on several technical and management areas notably :


- Operation and maintenance of power plants..

- Operation and maintenance of HV and MV grids and substations and live-line works.

- Grid studies.

- Operation of electrical systems (dispatching).

- Technical and commercial management.

- Preparation of FIDIC contracts for electrical infrastructure projects.