With a wealth of experience in the design and operation of electricity distribution infrastructures and rural electrification, STEG-IS has a comprehensive grasp of all distribution technologies and boasts a high level of expertise and know-how, enabling the execution of complex projects and the provision of optimized electrification solutions that incorporate both three-phase and single-phase techniques, as well as renewable energy technologies

STEG-IS intervenes in various phases of infrastructure implementation, rehabilitation, and upgrading. In this capacity, she acts as an EPC contractor: study, engineering, design, equipment supply, execution of works, commissioning, and implementation of network protection, metering, and control systems.

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Over the past 10 years, STEG-IS has successfully completed over 150 electrification projects in 24 Sub-Saharan African countries, including Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Senegal, Congo, Sierra Leone, and Togo. Through these projects, STEG-IS has constructed and commissioned approximately 20,000 kilometers of MV and LV lines, 5,000 public distribution substations, and connected over 250,000 households to the distribution networks.